Thank you Dr. Nichols and AR River Valley Dentistry
I had a recent visit to Arkansas River Valley Dentistry and had some pretty extensive work done (10 Crowns). The prep was done quickly and painlessly and the temporaries that Dr. Lauren Nichols made for me were awesome while I waited for my permanent crowns to arrive. After only a couple of weeks my new permanent crowns arrived and were placed….perfection. It only took a few days to get used to the new feel but I will enjoy a lifetime of my new smile. Many of my friends have complimented my new smile and I am happy to give a full mouthed smile to all. Thank you Dr. Nichols and AR River Valley Dentistry….y’all are awesome!
Their entire staff is top of the line

I have had extensive work done here within the past 18 months. I have had several cavities, two root canals, and three crowns done. I have had the pleasure of having work done by Dr. Nichols and Dr. Cook. Both have been extremely professional, very concerned with my comfort level, and have both done excellent work. I have never been a fan of going to the dentist, but they make my visits quick, painless, and something I no longer dread!! Their entire staff is top of the line and I would highly recommend giving them a chance as this has been the best dental experience I have ever had. Thanks guys!

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