CEREC Crowns

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Same day crowns in Clarksville

Do you need restorative care for a broken or decayed tooth? At Arkansas River Valley Dentistry, we can give you the help you need in just a single visit. Using the revolutionary CEREC milling unit, our compassionate and caring team will design and create a fully customized crown for you while you wait in our office.

In the past, restoring a broken or decayed tooth with a crown would require at least two visits. In the first visit, your doctor would prep your tooth and give you a temporary crown to wear until your next appointment when it would be switched out for your permanent crown. In between your first and second appointment, though, there was always the risk of your temporary breaking or falling out. In either of these cases, another visit would be necessary to have a new temporary attached.

Compare this with the treatment process at our Clarksville office. During your visit, we’ll take a digital impression of your tooth and design your crown. Then, we’ll send that information to our CEREC machine, which will start crafting your crown from durable porcelain. When your crown is finished, we’ll make sure it fits and then secure it in place. You’ll leave our office that day with your smile fully restored.

Do you need a custom-made crown? Call Arkansas River Valley Dentistry to learn more about single-visit crowns with CEREC or to schedule a consultation. Our experienced and compassionate team offers revolutionary care to patients in and around Clarksville, AR.

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