Replacing Teeth with Dentures

When you are edentulous—missing all of the teeth along one or both arches—things you used to take for granted can be quite difficult. Eating, for example, becomes a challenge. Many people with missing teeth simply eliminate certain foods from their diets. Unfortunately, these are usually fresh and fruits vegetables, which are usually more difficult to chew but highly nutritious. Other problems might include difficulty speaking, a greater risk of gum disease, shifting among any remaining teeth and emotional and psychological consequences. Therefore, the need to replace missing teeth is imperative.

Dentures have long been a reliable tooth replacement option. And today’s dentures are far more attractive and more comfortable than in years past. Here at Arkansas River Valley Dentistry, our dentists and their team will work closely with to make sure the dentures you receive are tailor-made to look completely natural in your mouth.

Dentures consist of false teeth that are attached to a base that looks like natural gum tissue. Suction, muscle tension in your cheeks and tongue, and denture adhesive combine to securely hold your dentures in place. We offer two types of dentures. Our dentists will be able to advise you on which is best for you.

Immediate Dentures for Same-Day Results

The first option is called immediate dentures. With this prosthesis, we first make a custom set of quality dentures based on your profile and existing teeth. Then, we extract the remaining teeth and perform alveoplasty, a procedure that smoothes the extraction sites in order to promote better healing of the area and fit of the denture. Dentures are then delivered immediately after surgery.

During the months ahead, we adjust and temporarily reline your immediate dentures to accommodate for healing. Once your arches are completely healed, we place the final reline and this becomes your permanent denture.

Conventional Dentures for a Natural Smile Feel

For conventional dentures, we work with our patients to deliver what best suits their wants and needs. Based on your facial structure and jaw relation, Arkansas River Valley Dentistry will customize a set of quality dentures. These dentures are permanent and are designed to look as natural as possible.

Caring for Your Dentures & Oral Health

To extend the life of your dentures and maintain their appearance, proper cleaning and care is essential. Always use a soft denture brush and denture cleaner to refresh your dentures every day. Toothpaste can be far too abrasive for the delicate surfaces on dentures. Never wear your dentures while you sleep. Instead, soak them in a container filled with either water or denture cleaning solution. With proper care, you can look forward to your dentures giving you something to smile about for many years.

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