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The Best Way To Prepare For the First Visit To a Children’s Dentist in Clarksville!

July 6, 2018

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Child having a dental examChildhood is a time of firsts. And, as you know if you’ve been a parent for very long, a little preparation beforehand can go a long way towards making these experiences smoother and easier – for both them and you! So when it comes to your child’s first visit with a children’s dentist in Clarksville, how can you help them avoid the fear and anxiety that plague so many adults? After all, you want to get them off to a great start so that they feel comfortable getting dental care throughout their entire lives. In this blog, you’ll get some great ideas for how to prepare your child for their first visit and set them up for a lifetime of healthy smiles!

Bring Them Along To One of Your Visits

If possible, bring them along to one of your checkups. Of course, it’s ideal if there’s another adult or older sibling who can watch them while you’re in the chair so you can relax during your cleaning.

This is a great opportunity for them to see that dental visits are nothing scary and are simply something that grownups do to make sure they have clean, healthy teeth. Since they want to do everything you do, it will go a long way towards motivating them to get in the chair when it’s their turn.

Use the Right Language

Using positive language can make a big difference. For example, instead of saying, “The dentist is going to examine your teeth,” you can say, “The dentist is going to count your teeth to make sure they’re all there.”

Also, avoid using phrases like, “Don’t worry, it’ll be okay,” or “Don’t be scared.” Children don’t have preconceived ideas that seeing the dentist is a scary thing, so these phrases can make them wonder why they need reassurance in the first place!

Read Books About Seeing the Dentist

There are many wonderful books about why it’s important to see the dentist and what happens there. Also, children’s authors use positive, non-threatening language to describe medical and dental visits in terms your child can easily understand.

Establish Hygiene Habits At Home From Early On

Good oral hygiene makes the first checkup easier for a couple of reasons. First, by establishing the habit of gently brushing twice a day, young children get accustomed to having an adult clean their teeth and gums, which helps them be more comfortable in the dental chair.

Second, it also means their teeth and gums will be healthier, so there’s less chance they’ll have cavities. The goal is to keep dental work to a minimum and only do routine checkups – which is much easier than filling cavities.

Getting your child off to a great start at their first checkup makes a world of difference in how they’ll view dental care their entire lives – and with these tips and tricks, you can!

About the Author

Dr. Stephen Fisher is a general and children’s dentist in Clarksville who loves making dental care fun for kids. He knows that positive experiences in childhood lay the foundation for great oral health for life! If your child is about to have their first dental visit and you still have questions, Dr. Fisher can be contacted via his website or at (479) 754-3357.

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