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Why Dental Implants in Clarksville are the Best Solution for Tooth Loss

May 4, 2018

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An older woman examining her teeth.While tooth loss isn’t as common as it used to be, the technology designed to replace teeth has only gotten better over the years. Instead of settling for replacement options that don’t solve all the problems of tooth loss or feel as natural as real teeth, consider dental implants in Clarksville.

Today, your dentist explains exactly what you can expect from dental implants and why the benefits are worth the cost and treatment time to place. Keep reading to learn what they are!

A Smile That Looks and Feels Natural

Whether you’re replacing a single tooth or multiple teeth at a time, you can expect dental implants to look so natural that no one will even notice you have them. Thanks to the porcelain crown that’s fitted on top, light travels through them just like natural teeth. This makes them blend in better with the rest of your smile. As a bonus, your dentist can produce crowns entirely in-office thanks to the CEREC milling machine, which creates customized dental crowns very quickly.

Additionally, since implants are designed to integrate with bone, they’re held in place extremely well. This means it can handle all the daily tasks you put it through, assuming you practice proper oral care and visit your dentist regularly. By doing this, you can expect your implant to last for decades, and even a lifetime!

Preventing the Long-Term Side Effects of Tooth Loss

When teeth are missing, the bone in the jaw is no longer being stimulated. This leads to a process known as bone resorption, which is the body’s natural response when bone is no longer being used. In the case of teeth, bone that is normally used will travel to other parts of the body where needed, causing the jaw to become weak and make functions like chewing more difficult.

Furthermore, when teeth fall out, they take the tooth roots right along with it. These are responsible for blood flow to the face and cheeks. Without this blood flow, your face will lose its natural elasticity, causing it to sag prematurely, appear hollow, and make you look older than you actually are.

Dental implants are designed to fix both these issues simultaneously. In fact, it’s the only tooth replacement option that does this.

Making Everyday Functions Easier

If you ever miss eating tough or chewy foods, such as apples, steak, or corn on the cob, dental implants are the most ideal solution to make eating those foods easy again. Patients with missing teeth are forced to change their diet permanently to one exclusively of softer foods. This can make it more difficult to get all your daily nutrients, meaning their overall health is put at risk due to tooth loss.

Since dental implants are designed to function exactly like natural teeth, you can go back to your diet once the area has fully healed. While dentures can easily fall out and bridges aren’t as stable, implants get the job done.

Are you ready to learn more about the implant process? Schedule an implant consultation with your dentist today to get started!

About the Author

After earning his dental degree, Dr. Stephen Fisher spent countless hours studying at multiple implant training facilities. This includes the Misch Academy, the most well-known implant training academy in the world. To learn more about dental implants in Clarksville, contact him through his website.

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