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Better Flossing with Tips from Your Dentist in Clarksville

June 16, 2017

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Ask your dentist in Clarksville anything about flossing and oral hygiene. Just like brushing, flossing needs to be part of your daily oral hygiene routine. Unfortunately, brushing alone is not sufficient because no matter how long you brush—and the American Dental Association recommends brushing for two minutes—you’re not going to be able to clean in between your teeth. For that, you simply must floss. But are you doing a good job? Your dentist in Clarksville at Arkansas River Valley Dentistry can answer this and other questions to make sure you’re flossing as well as you possibly can.

Why Do I Need to Floss?

While flossing, you may see that particles of food are lifted from between your teeth. This is important, but equally important is what you can’t see. Flossing removes plaque, a clear and sticky film that accumulates in our mouths all day—especially along the gum line. Flossing is the only way to remove plaque daily, which if left may eventually lead to gum disease.

What Time of Day is Best to Floss?

When you choose to floss really makes no difference. As the saying goes—just do it! If you’re too busy in the morning, then you can floss at night. If you’re too tired at night, then floss in the morning. Or, if you can only find a moment of peace and quiet in the middle of the day, that’s fine, too.

What Kind of Floss Should I Use?

There are many types of floss sold in supermarkets and pharmacies. You can choose between waxed or non-waxed, mint flavored or unflavored, dental floss or dental tape. Choose the one that you like best. They all do an equally fine job of flossing your teeth.

How Should I Hold the Floss?

That’s a great question! You may have noticed that the dental hygienist holds floss with either end wrapped in spool-like fashion around a finger on each hand. That’s to make it easier to advance the floss as she moves from one pair of teeth to the next. You can try holding it this way, too, but what really matters is that you use a clean segment of floss as you move around your mouth.

How Much Floss Should I Use?

Some containers have 115 yards of floss! That’s longer than a football field! And considering floss is relatively inexpensive, there’s really no reason to be stingy. We recommend tearing off an 18-inch strand. With this length, you’ll easily be able to use a clean section in between each pair of teeth.

How Should I Move the Floss in between My Teeth?

Guide the floss between two teeth. Then gently move the floss up and down and back and forth while pressing against one tooth and then the other. Don’t come down too hard against delicate gum tissue but do make sure to floss below the gum line.

Floss Now and Call Our office Today!

You and everyone in your family should brush twice a day and floss daily. Also, call to ask any questions and be sure to schedule biannual dental checkups with the family dentist in Clarksville at Arkansas River Valley Dentistry.

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