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Your Clarksville Dentist Explains Dental Implants

March 31, 2017

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Your Dentist in Clarksville places modern dental implantsNo dental service attracts more attention than the modern dental implant. Completely replacing a missing tooth from root to crown, the dental implant restores full smile aesthetics and oral function the individual missing one or more teeth. Your dentist in Clarksville, Dr. Stephen Fisher, is the dental implant expert at Arkansas River Valley Dentistry. He qualifies patients for this amazing restorative procedure. Would you like to know more details?


Replace Teeth with Dental Implants


People come to Arkansas River Valley Dentistry tired of smile gaps, ill-fitting dentures and hard to maintain bridges. Dental implants in Clarksville offer strong, one-time replacements that last for decades. Of course, patients ask a variety of questions about this state of the art treatment, and Dr. Stephen Fisher, Dr. James Cook, and Dr. Lauren Nichols are ready to answer them and to qualify patients for this life-changing procedure.


What is a Dental Implant, and Who Can Get One?


A dental implant is an artificial tooth anchored by a titanium screw placed into the patient’s jaw during an in-office surgery. After some weeks of healing as the bone melds to the implant (through osseointegration), Dr. Fisher attaches a metal post and a custom-fabricated porcelain crown. Implants also can support fixed bridgework and full dentures.


Amazingly, the implant actually strengthens the size and density of the jaw.  No other tooth replacement option can claim that. While not everyone has sufficient bone to support an implant, many adults and older teens do, especially if they have the surgery soon after tooth loss. The dentist performs a complete oral examination, along with digital X-rays and sophisticated CT scans, to see if a dental implant is appropriate.


If he finds than a patient has a weak or thin bone in his or her jaw, Dr. Fisher can augment, or add to,  the bone with grafted tissue so the jaw may accept an implant. Additionally, the best implant candidates are non-smokers, are in good oral and systemic health and already have good brushing and flossing habits.

Is Tooth Replacement Really Necessary?


Tooth loss causes unattractive smile gaps, difficulties with speech and chewing and jaw bone recession. Without the physical forces that chewing exerts on the jaw, the bone deteriorates, leaving a weaker jaw and compromised facial appearance. Therefore, the answer is yes, replacing a tooth lost to decay, infection or oral trauma really is necessary.

The Implant Procedure


To begin the treatment, Dr. Fisher numbs the area, incises the gums and drills a small hole into the jaw. He places the implant into the bone and closes the site with sutures. After many weeks of healing, the patient comes back to Arkansas River Valley Dentistry for permanent placement of the extension post and porcelain crown.


When the patient returns home, he or she brushes and flosses the dental daily. To avoid an infection called peri-implantitis, which is similar to gum disease, the individual should get professional cleanings and exams with Dr. Fisher every six months and quit smoking if possible.


Most research show that dental implants succeed and stay in place over 90 percent of the time. Plus, their lifespan is decades long.

Would You Like to Know More?


Don’t suffer from missing teeth. Replace them with today’s best tooth replacement option. Please contact Arkansas River Valley Dentistry today for your dental implant consultation.






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