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Fluoride Facts from Your Dentist in Clarksville

October 28, 2016

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Do children and adults both need fluoride treatments? Life is a game of push and pull. Forces such as work, family, and friends are constantly biding for more time, and it is your job to balance them. Hopefully you even find a bit of time for yourself. What a concept! This same thing happens with your teeth’s health every day. This will all be explained by your dentist in Clarksville from Arkansas River Valley Dentistry, as well as how fluoride can help you get the better of it. 

Fluoride and You

Often, fluoride is mentioned in the context of children’s dental care, as it provides an easy method for preventing tooth decay while they are still learning to brush. Fluoride is just as important for adults, however. Fluoride is a mineral that occurs naturally in food and water. It has been used by dentists for years as a way to prevent tooth decay. Every day, the food we eat leaves a certain amount of sugar on our teeth. Naturally occurring bacteria feed on this sugar and produce plaque. Plaque actually has an acidic quality, and this is why it is able to cause tooth decay. The process is called demineralization. Your tooth enamel is made of a variety of minerals, primarily hydroxyapatite. This acidic plaque breaks down and removes these minerals, which can eventually lead to the holes and pits commonly associated with a cavity.

Tooth decay can be prevented in two basic ways. The primary way is with consistent brushing and flossing. It serves to break-up and clean off this plaque each day. The other way involves the use of fluoride. It can reverse demineralization and lead to remineralization. Whenever you consume foods with minerals like fluoride or calcium, they are deposited on your teeth and help replace enamel that has been eaten away. This is why many toothpastes contain fluoride. Dr. Fisher, Dr. Cook, and Dr. Nichols always include a fluoride treatment with every check-up and cleaning because it is so effective in preventing tooth decay.

How to Get More Fluoride without Going to the Dentist

More and more people are getting less fluoride in their diet due to the popularity of bottled water. Public water sources often have fluoride added to them while bottled water does not. Someone who only drinks bottled water can dramatically decrease their daily intake of fluoride. In addition to being fluorinated, tap water typically has to pass more health guidelines than bottled water. Try to have you and your family drink tap water whenever it is convenient. It could be a big step in keeping your teeth healthy.

Want To Know More?

If you would like to know more about the benefits of fluoride or how it works, please give us a call today. We’re always willing to give you simple tips so you can help keep your teeth healthy between visits to our office.

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