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Dentist in Clarksville on Preparing Your Mouth for Dentures

July 29, 2016

dentist in clarksville arIf you are on the brink of partial or total tooth loss, you are likely planning for replacement with dentures. That’s a good idea — prosthetic teeth attached to a gum colored base, dentures have long been an effective solution for tooth loss. You should know that sometimes, a procedure known as alveoloplasty or exostosis removal is necessary before your dentures can be placed. Your dentist in Clarksville AR performs the procedure after tooth extraction or prior to immediate or conventional denture placement. Continue reading to learn more about two common forms of dentoalveolar surgery: alveoloplasty and exostosis removal.

What Is Alveoloplasty?

An alveoloplasty is a procedure that your dentist performs to smooth and reshape the jawbone ridge where teeth have been lost prior to full or partial denture placement. The alveoloplasty is performed to improve the fit of the prosthetic device, increasing comfort, retention, and overall success of the denture. The procedure may also be performed following tooth extraction in consideration of future replacement.

What Is Exostosis Removal?

Exostosis is the growth of new bone on top of existing bone matter — and when it happens on the jawbone ridge, it can cause real issues for the fit of the full or partial denture. Exostosis develops on the cheek side of the jaw, and these bones are thought to develop as a result of teeth grinding (although the precise reason for their development is not totally clear). Removal of this extra bone matter is necessary for the proper fit of the denture.

Dentoalveolar Surgery Prepares Your Jaws

Alveoloplasty and exostosis removal are two types of dentoalveolar surgery, or procedures that prepare your jaws for full or partial dentures. It may be discouraging to learn you require a preparatory procedure before you can receive your tooth replacement, but dentoalveolar surgery is often a crucial step for enjoying a denture that fits properly. And ill-fitting dentures aren’t just frustrating — they also put your oral and overall health in danger. A loose denture can cause depression, anxiety, poor nutrition, as well as sores and calluses that may cause oral cancer.

Let’s Discuss Your Denture Placement Today

If you are dealing with missing teeth or are on the brink of full or partial tooth loss, don’t wait to seek a stable, natural-looking replacement with a full or partial denture. Contact Arkansas River Valley Dentistry to discuss your dentures in Clarksville AR. We perform dentoalveolar surgeries as necessary — request your appointment today!

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